Grade 3

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Student Model

The author’s personal voice comes through loud and clear in this friendly letter submitted by third-grader Andrea.

1256 Cherry Street
Troy, MI 48003
June 2, 2000

Dear Ms. Nathan,

You put hearts in the envelope!

You look great in the picture! Wow, traveling to Yosemite Park sounds cool. And it’s nice you and Dr. Nathan are doing something special every weekend.

That’s great that you are playing the Mozart Concerto in C, even though you are playing an easy version. Yes! I am proud of you. I am in Level 3 in piano.

Morse School is really looking great. They are almost done remodeling. I wish you could see it. I think we’ll get to move back in soon.

My new teacher is Ms. Porter. Many of the kids you had last year are in Ms. Porter’s class.

Please write back and tell me about California.


P.S. We had a lot of snow, about 17 inches.