Writers Express

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Writing Topics

  • Staying at a friend’s house
  • A special secret place
  • When I was upside down
  • What if we suddenly had to move?
  • My most embarrassing moment
  • Talk about being scared!
  • Do I want to be famous?
  • Creepy, crawly things
  • What if I were the teacher?
  • I’ll never eat another . . .
  • My biggest surprise
  • This school really needs . . .
  • The first day of school is the worst/best.
  • A pet sitter needs special instructions to care for my pet.
  • Doing homework
  • A song that means a lot to me
  • My best day
  • A day in the life of my pet
  • I don’t understand why . . .
  • Dirt bikes and in-line skates
  • A visit to a friend’s school
  • What is important to me?
  • A terrible storm
  • Me and the outdoors
  • My first school memories
  • More topics.

Student Models

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Multimedia Reports

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The “Multimedia Reports” chapter of this book shows how to prepare a multimedia presentation and an interactive report. The following presentation and report are based on the storyboard in that chapter.

View the “Saddle Up!” multimedia presentation.

View the “Saddle Up!” interactive report.